8 06 2011

I would like to say I was away for so long because I was in some place fancy, like France or Italy, but I’m sad to say that the real reason I haven’t been updating is because of forgetfulness, and laziness. Exams, Assignments and other stuff has kept my mind busy on everything except my art. I do have some new art and music for you thought! all through that time, I managed to continually download new music, and do a few drawings. As for music, I think that a good song for this week is Cayman Islands by Kings of Convenience!

Hey Whats Up?

3 05 2011

Sorry about the lack of posts! kinda busy the past week so i only have time for a short post. There is a website I found, and i really liked it! its called gnod, i know weird name right? coolest website ever. I dare you to check it out, and tell me what you think! Oh one more thing, do you know any good artists, that are cool, modern, and use bright colors in their works? I need an artist for an art project.

Late Night Conversations

23 04 2011

I love late nights conversations with my friends. Texting about random stuff, just so you can stay awake while watching a movie. At least thats what I do…..I am watching my second all-time favourite movies, The Breakfast Club. The message in that movie is so strong, and so real, and I am a sucker for any 80’s movies. 

Three Days Later

22 04 2011

Yes it is once again time to celebrate Easter. Jesus waited three whole days to come back from the dead to do what? give us a holiday, thats what. So in that sense I commend Jesus. And I am celebrating easter with a picture. This one was no drawn by me but I wish it was! It is by a woman named Anna Rusakova, and If you want to see the rest of her work, click here

Another Work of Art

22 04 2011

I quite like this piece of art. I thinks it’s one of my personal bests. I got the idea from random internet surfing, when I came across doodles drawn of a book page. Yes, those are broken mirrors, and even though I am very superstitious, seven years of bad luck, for a good cause I’m ok with…


22 04 2011

Music notes look beautiful on a scale. I think I’ll do one of those heres a song for the week, listen and love things. I really love music and its a huge part of my life. Those people who know me well know that I always have my i-Pod. I don’t leave any place without checking for it. So this week’s song is one of my favourites. So Here We Are- Bloc Party. Ok, go love it.

So I was sitting Here Thinking…

22 04 2011

and I wondered, is there really any original inspiration? I keep hearing people say, theres no such thing as an original creation, or original inspiration! I really would like to disagree, because there has to be a beginning to everything right? Or am I just crazy, off my rocker, lost my marbles? I like to think this is original, but to tell you the truth I got the font from an icebreakers commercial 😉 Does anyone remember that commercial, where the guy grabs an icebreaker and he starts turning into this ultra cool cartoon man?! I loved it, and I even tried to draw the guy. Well that was the starting point for this piece of art. I wonder what would have happened if I wasn’t reminded of that commercial, or if I hadn’t even seen it to begin with? Where Has Music Gone...